Dansk Industri Fyn’s initiative award 2018

We are proud to have received  DI Funen’s initiative award 2018 as a recognition of the positive development we have experienced during the last couple of years. The event took place Tuesday 9th October in Gislev and the award was handed over to our CEO, Anders Juhl Thomsen, by DI Fyn chairman, Poul Strandmark and Mayor, Hans Stavnsager.

With DI Funen’s initiative award 2018, Four Design is one of 19 candidates for DI’s National Initiative award.

For more info ( Danish ) follow this link to media coverage.

*The Confederation of Danish Industry is a trade organisation and an employers’ association. In its capacity of a trade organisation, DI ensures that the Danish business community has the optimum basis for competing, developing and manufacturing in Denmark and internationally.

In its capacity of employers’ association, DI is responsible for collective bargaining, at the national level and within the individual sector or enterprise.

Four Design - DI Award 2018

Four Design DI Award 2018