Event Interior that Elevates

We are putting a spot on venue interior and conference furniture solutions in this month’s look book & inspiration piece – enjoy!

A perfect venue layout should:

  • allow you to approach the event like a blank canvas
  • encourage the user to be openminded
  • enable positive impact on any event

Versatility and mobility is crucial to create the right framework any event – wether it’s the annual company retreat, classy cocktail parties, conferences (big or small), konventions, concerts, talks, fairs, entertainment ~ the list goes on…

Furniture for venues and conference halls should not only be easy to handle and store, they should mirror the people. Our seating solutions and zoning furniture are developed and designed to positively impact psychological as well as physical. We call it innovation in the detail.

What is important to consider, when choosing conference tables and chairs?

Ergonomic handling: Choose a light weight easy-to-handle chair solution and make sure the tables are easily handled by one person and that they fulfill the right standards.

Durability: choose interior that is tested to- and that follows the guidelines for conference venues.

Storage/Effectiveness: Less use of space is time and money.

Sound: you can eliminate a lot of unnecessary noise by choosing the right solution. *Always make sure that the chairs’ gliders/feet suits the floor material.

A couple of  ideas for enabling creativity at you next event


Contemporary Interaction Installations – Art and Dialogue Provoking Exhibitions can make a big difference. We love the idea of Movable Art – Should art work always be static? NO, let’s be art. You’ll find a lot of great ideas using Pinterest – and while you are at it, you might as well stop by our Pinterest: www.pinterest.dk/four_design ;)

Chalk & Chalkboards Perhaps you are so young, you’ve never had the experience of writing your first letters or practice algebra on a chalkboard. For the rest of us, this probably brings back both thrilling and slightly scaring memories.
The chalkboard, as an event gimmick, can be used for information, but also for fun and interaction. We find it an idea worth sharing.

VR – why not?. Kick start the event with the newest VR.

5D branding is a fantastic tool for aiming the right atmosphere for any event, gathering – meeting even. There is a lot of benefits from considering and using 5D branding as a tool for controlling and accelerating the right dynamics within groups and/or for the individuals.

More inspiration & knowledge on the topic:

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PEERSPACE is a fantastic platform for finding locations – and interior ideas.

We spotted a few, that stand out:

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