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What does sustainability mean to us?

It means a lot. It’s about making responsible choices. Today, everyone’s more aware of sustainability than ever. While we’re not perfect, we’re proud of our progress and want to share it with you. We’ve made a sustainability pledge aligned with four UN Sustainable Development Goals. It shows our commitment to a greener future.

Our Sustainable Objectives

Transition to a Circular Economy

The linear “take-make-dispose” model has resulted in growing challenges of resource depletion and waste cycles. As a manufacturer of new furniture, we know we are part of the problem. The aim of this objective is to promote more sustainable consumption and production practices by designing our products according to sustainable design principles, conducting life cycle assessments, and offering end-of-life solutions to our customers.

Achieve Net Zero Emissions

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, with changes in temperature and weather patterns resulting in threats to food and water security, heightened risk to health and well-being, and increased displacement. This objective seeks to combat climate change by creating GHG inventories across Scope 1, 2 and 3, improving energy and water efficiency, minimising and appropriately managing waste, transitioning to renewable energy, and optimising transportation routes for efficiency.

Ensure a Responsible Supply Chain

A responsible supply chain promotes human rights and fair labour conditions and encourages sustainability. This objective intends to promote ethical and sustainable practices by monitoring suppliers for ethical conduct and initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint of the supply chain overall.

Promote Social Responsibility & Corporate Citizenship

No organisation exists in isolation, and contributing to a more equitable and just society is part of good business practice. This objective targets the promotion of employee wellbeing, engagement in philanthropic initiatives, and implementation of ethical business practices.

EU Ecolabel Certifications
Stacked black plastic office desk chairs in a white room.

EU Ecolabel Certifications

The EU Ecolabel certifies products that meet strict environmental standards set by the European Union. It assures consumers that the product has lower environmental impacts throughout its lifecycle, from production to disposal, helping them make more sustainable choices.

We’re proud to say that currently 3 of our product ranges have been awarded the EU ecolabel certification:

FourSure® – 44, 88, 90, 105.
FourCast® 2 – Four, Line, Counter, High, Counter Four, High Four.
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Take Back Scheme (UK Only)

Our Take Back Scheme focuses on recycling, rebates, rework, and redistribution to enhance sustainability. We recycle materials, offer rebates, refurbish items to extend their lifespan, and find new homes for furniture through partnerships, all to minimise waste and promote environmental responsibility.

Since November 2019 we have helped to divert 68.8 tonnes of furniture from landfill, saving the equivalent of 171.84 tonnes of CO2. That’s enough CO2 as the equivalent of powering almost 64 homes for a year.

Have a read…

Our sustainability pledge is a collection of our objectives, approaches, and thoughts supporting the Ocee & Four sustainability journey. Please take a moment to have a flick through and discover more.

Read our Sustainability Pledge

Our Responsibility Framework contains the policies that guide our approach to doing business, reflecting our commitment to responsibility, integrity, and excellence.

Read our Corporate Responsibility Framework

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions or are interested in talking to us about our efforts, please contact our Group Sustainability and Environmental Manager: Giulia Neuhaus

Follow our progress on our social media pages Linkedin or Instagram.