FourCast® 2 One

FourCast®2 One, the casual yet stylish meeting chair on four-legged swivel frame with optional armrest. You can choose features to add more mobility and efficiency in the versatile meeting room. Combine colours, frames and upholstery by wish.

FourCast® 2 One is a Four® Design concept, a member of the FourCast® family, and designed by the award-winning designers Christina Strand & Niels Hvass.

FourCast®2 One
Colour & Finish OptionsTerracotta, Clay, Black, Snow, Anthracite, Aqua, Beach, Olive, Oriental Red, Orange, Jungle Green, Oak, Black Oak
AccessoriesReturn, grip hole, glides
Test CertificatesEN 16139, UK
EN 16139, GE
EN 16139, DK
EN 1021-1, UK
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