FourSure® Family

FourSure® 105

Unobtrusive yet distinct. FourSure® 90 and 105 are elegant, stackable skid frame high chairs for higher-level working and dining. The sublime comfort and harmonious expression of the chairs encapsulate the ideals of modern design with a human touch. Furthermore, owing to the wide range of colour options available, the chairs are ideal for both formal and informal spaces.

Unobtrusive yet distinct. FourSure® 90 and 105 are elegant, stackable skid frame high chairs for higher-level working and dining.


Design by Strand+Hvass

Stunningly elegant don’t you think?

With its unique, organic form, remarkable comfort and endless configurations, the FourSure® family is the ideal choice of contemporary design in high-quality for any modern multifunctional space.

Moreover, the family is designed to offer maximum comfort and ergonomic support. The unique combination of functions makes these chairs the ideal choice for facilities that need to reconfigure quickly and efficiently. Therefore, the FourSure® family is perfect for meeting, eating, learning and socialising. Subsequently, the family has been extended to include a variety of base options, finishes and accessories. It is possible to upgrade the FourSure® family with upholstery, linking device, Inno®Note, armrest and grip hole to ensure even more efficiency and better ergonomic handling. So why not go with a FourSure®? They are easy to stack, store, and maintain.

The EU Ecolabel

FourSure® 44 Eco complies with strict criteria set by Environment Directorate General of the European Commission. Only FourSure® 44 in Ebony Black shell with black or anthracite legs are granted with EU Ecolabel.

The EU Ecolabel guarantee:

  • Limitation of substances harmful to health and the environment
  • Design for higher product durability and easy disassembly
  • Recycled packaging prioritised

User Information

Disposal / Recycling of the product
Recycling, general: The chair can be divided into parts. Metal parts can be disposed and recycled by an approved environment and raw materials organisation. Lacquered frames are treated with paint classified as not dangerous according to directive 1999/45/EF. The plastic parts of the product contain no biocidal compounds and may be recycled according to their marking.

Conditions for use of the product
The FourCast®2 ECO and FourSure® chairs ECO are non-domestic chairs with longevity – highly suitable for eating facilities, offices and educational environments. *The FourCast®2 ECO and FourSure® ECO chairs are not suited for outdoor use.

General cleaning: Wipe the surface with a clean cloth and lukewarm water with a neutral cleaning detergent. Afterwards, wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth to avoid stripes or blotches. Thorough cleaning: Difficult stains may require a more powerful detergent or solvent. Prior to cleaning, always test the detergent/solvent in an invisible spot (underneath the tabletop, hidden spot on frame) to ensure that it will not damage the surface of table and frame.

Four Design provides an extended warranty of 5 years on all products in our official price list. The warranty covers breakage of frames and damage occurred because of deficient craftsmanship performance under normal use. The warranty shall lapse if the product shows signs of mishandling abuse or other physical damage. The warranty does not cover those parts of the product which are exposed to abrasion during use. For further information please refer to our price list.

Compliance with international norms and standards
The FourCast®2 ECO and FourSure® ECO chairs have passed the following European and American tests.

  • EN 16139
  • GS

Spare parts
Spare parts are available throughout the extended 5 years warranty period. Please contact the sales department in your area for inquiries regarding guarantee and spare parts.

The FourCast®2 and FourSure® chairs are delivered fully assembled and requires no further assembly/handling by the customer.

If the product is no longer to be used, the different parts of the furniture is to be disassembled, recycled and disposed correctly. Please follow the disassembly guide.

Materials in %


Material Weight in kg % of total weight
Steel 2,03 42,1
Polymer Plastics 2,08 57,9
Total 4,83 100

Disassembly Guide


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Industrial designer Christina Strand and architect Niels Hvass founded their design studio in Copenhagen back in 1998 to exploit their full potential for creating innovative and useful solutions for universal design challenges.