FourReal® Family

FourReal® 90

Innovative functionality and clean lines. For real? Yes, FourReal® 90. With a focus on function and technique, the table is designed with a simple expression paired with subtle yet great engineering.



140 x 80, 180 x 80, 200 x 80


RoomInRoom, trolley, chair suspension, cable duct, linking device, wooden legs black lacquered oak

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Design by Studio Ocee

A table that draws you in? It sounds a little crazy right?

Nevertheless, that is what the FourReal® family does. The family offers a range of clever space-saving table solutions for spaces in all scales. All members of the family work perfectly as conversation starters; hence they are developed to meet the needs for agile and flexible solutions for people to meet at eye level. Moreover, the FourReal® family is an inspiring framework for cooperation and mobility for any working environment, making it perfect for break out areas, dining facilities, collaborative work and solo work.

FourReal® tables can be used to create dynamic and fun spaces as the options can be connected and reconfigured to create a whole new room design. The FourReal® family consists of FourReal® 74, FourReal® 90 / 105, FourReal® 741, Room In Room, FourReal® A 74, FourReal® A 90, FourReal® A XL 74 and FourReal® A XL 90. Choose between various colours and optional extras to make it the agile solution for your space layout. Now, that is a family we would like to be part of.

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Studio Ocee

Studio Ocee

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