FourReal® Family

FourReal® 105

Simple and elegant lines, joined by great functionality.



140 x 60, 140 x 80, 180 x 60, 180 x 80, 160 x 80


RoomInRoom, trolley, chair suspension, cable duct, linking device

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Design by Four Design

A table that draws you in? It sounds a little crazy right?

Nevertheless, that is what the FourReal® family does. The family offers a range of clever space-saving table solutions for spaces in all scales. All members of the family work perfectly as conversation starters; hence they are developed to meet the needs for agile and flexible solutions for people to meet at eye level. Moreover, the FourReal® family is an inspiring framework for cooperation and mobility for any working environment, making it perfect for break out areas, dining facilities, collaborative work and solo work.

FourReal® tables can be used to create dynamic and fun spaces as the options can be connected and reconfigured to create a whole new room design. The FourReal® family consists of FourReal® 74, FourReal® 90 / 105, FourReal® 741, Room In Room, FourReal® A 74, FourReal® A 90, FourReal® A XL 74 and FourReal® A XL 90. Choose between various colours and optional extras to make it the agile solution for your space layout. Now, that is a family we would like to be part of.

FourReal 105
FourReal 105
FourReal 105

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Industrial designer Christina Strand and architect Niels Hvass founded their design studio in Copenhagen back in 1998 to exploit their full potential for creating innovative and useful solutions for universal design challenges.