Four®Design at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair



“Tack, Stockholm!”

Thank you, Stockholm ~ this was a great fair in every way

Our guests met a fresh and excited Four®Design team and got a sense of what we believe to be solutions for current- and future spaces.

We are happy ~Happy because all our news were so well received, happy to have shared many smiles, laughs and good moments with great people.

Thanks to everyone who came along to share a space of inspiration and fun.

We have added more warmth, more fun,
new beautiful designs and stunning finishes to our ranges of
soft seating-, chair-, table- and zoning solutions.



~ the new stylish bio-fiber armchair / Designed by Strand+Hvass

Four®Us Worx
~ desk pod for the intrepid explorer / Designed by Anders Nørgaard

Four®Us Solo
~ the single seat pod  for contemplation and tranquility / Designed by Anders Nørgaard

Flake, new in Four®Real table range
~ goodbye to the static meeting room / Designed by Anders Nørgaard

Touch family
~ the new range of free-standing modular units / Designed by David Fox