Bringing people together with innovative and creative furniture concepts

This fall we proudly present brand new furniture concepts that help create link between existing furniture families and make the room more flexible and accommodating.

With the new solutions, we have worked closely together with Strand + Hvass, BroomeJenkins and Anders Nørgaard, to develop products that support our desire and vision to deliver furniture that is innovative, decorative and functional.

As always, our new line of furniture is produced with care and responsibility for durability and function. The materials are specially selected to be effective elements of everyday decor and to create a safe framework for creativity, immersion and social workplaces.

FourReal® A - FourReal® Stool, Four Design

Like in the private home, as in the public place, there is a desire to focus on space saving and green solutions. It has long been a wish by Four Design to add a furniture that incorporates several of these elements. A furniture that allows the customer to create space in rooms with a frame of green plants, or perhaps a combination of edible plants and practical storage.

With FourReal® A you get it all. It is a table that with its characteristic A shape forms a visual and functional frame around the visitors. A furniture which creates peace and well-being if you fill it with plants and adds benches so that everyone can sit around the table. This is the new FourReal® A table – An innovative solution for big rooms or creative corners.

For space saving and for great ergonomic handling, we have developed FourFold®Comprised of equal parts timeless design and smart engineering, FourFold® 4-legged flip-top table provides a super intuitive and highly stable solution fit for various occasions. By FourFold®’s intuitive design and movability, the room layout can be changed very easily to meet the requirements of various applications. The structure brings efficient storage enabling the possibility for effectively utilising space.

FourWood® Table 74 - FourSure® Wood

In addition to FourReal® A and the entire FourReal family, we are launching FourWood®, a range that adds a soft contrast to the room and to the more traditional Four Design furniture.
The functional FourReal® table tops and FourSure® chairs-shells have got a base of solid oak. And together, the two different materials create a strict designed yet warm and welcoming furniture.
Mix and match FourWood® stools, chairs and benches with the additional tables when creating cosy meeting facilities.

Room in room is a working title that is not only sought after in the open office scenery but also in everything from educational institutions to the hospitality area. It is important to create experiences and impressions that make the user do his best or that gives the user the desire to once again return.

Focus and efficiency have been some of our guidelines for the design of FourUs® Work Booth, a piece of furniture we have been looking forward to launching. Here we include the elements that help make everyday life more productive and comfortable. With FourUs® Work Booth, you get the opportunity of creating your own space that can serve as a workplace, dining area and meeting room.

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