Interview with Mikkel Andreasen, Sales Assistant in Export Sales

How do you find your time of education within internal sales?

My time of education has been rewarding. Being at FOUR DESIGN has given me an overall insight into how a company works internally and externally. Especially during the last time of my education. In the beginning, I felt it confusing to understand the value chain but now I think I have a good insight into all processes across the company.
During my two years’ education, I got the full responsibility of unassisted tasks which has given me the possibility to work freely and independently with a natural flow.

How do you feel that FOUR DESIGN has fulfilled your expectations as a place of education?

My expectations have been fulfilled completely. During my time of education, I have been placed somewhere in between being a student and being an ordinary employee in Internal Sales on the same premises as my colleagues. I expected a nice working environment among positive and happy colleagues most of the time including freedom with responsibility – just like my previous position in the production. I expected the freedom of the job to become larger as time went by and this is definitely fulfilled. I observe the same in other departments at Four Design.

If you compare FOUR DESIGN with other companies who educate your fellow students, where do we do things differently?

The difference between being a student and an experienced Sales Back-up has been vague. I have been able to influence the kind of tasks I have had. My education has been less framed from the beginning compared to what I have heard they do in other companies. I like this and it has given me the possibility of influence.
My future position gives me the possibility to influence even more how we split the responsibility between me and my colleagues in Internal Sales and I can impact my own tasks.

What considerations did you have when you got the offer to stay within Internal Sales as a Sales Back-up?

It is difficult to answer. All the time I have been focused on getting a permanent job at Four Design because I like working here. Therefore, I haven’t thought about what to do in case I couldn’t stay. However, about six months ago I felt nervous about not getting a permanent position but I never got to the point of thinking of what else to do. Of course, I felt relieved when Four Design told me that you wanted me to continue in a permanent position. I did consider the content of my new job but I felt impact just like FOUR DESIGN has read my interests and competencies perfectly.

Did you have any reservations about accepting your permanent position?

No – well maybe I thought of my future salary but I was satisfied. The thought of how to step out of the role of being a student hasn’t been part of my mind as I already feel like an equal colleague in Internal Sales. It was only during the first months of my education period I found myself in situations where I felt like a student.

What responsibility do you get in your new job?

My new role will consist of the different interests I have. I’ll be responsible Sales Back-up of different European countries. Furthermore, I’ll be the connection between Internal Sales and Production and get the operational responsibility of emails, telephony and some IT-tasks. I’m pleased with that.

It you recommend FOUR DESIGN to people within your personal network what do you tell?

It is a really nice place to work. My surroundings are less formal than I imagine in other companies which I find very attractive.
A task has to be solved but we have no strict guidelines to follow. We have the freedom to solve the tasks in our own way as long as the result is acceptable. This is freedom with responsibility.
I definitely mention the atmosphere too. Everybody is equal and everybody talks to one another. I think this describes the culture of FOUR DESIGN. We are all an important part of the big puzzle no matter what position we have. My colleagues mention that they feel the same.


Age: 35 years old

Residence: Odense

Education: Teacher + Commercial Assistant (Sales)

Hobbies: Football, Running, History, Ancient cultures, Ice hockey