Interview with Mikkel

Mikkel Andreasen
Age: 33
Residence: Odense, Denmark
Education: primary school teacher
Interests: Football, (former goalkeeper-coach on elite level )
Motto: Live and let live

Mikkel started in our assembling department one year ago. When a trainee position was announced, Mikkel applied for the program, and is now part of our sales back up team.

What was your plan when you started in the production at Four®Design?
I just wanted a job, actually. I was unemployed and heard about the job through network. I had no expectations, when I first started here.

What made you stay in the assembly-job?
I felt positively challenged and i liked coming to work. The job at Four®Design was unlike any other unskilled jobs I have had. I think it is the atmosphere here that makes the difference. Everyone were very nice and friendly.
I felt no surveillance when I was working – I felt freedom with responsibility to do the tasks my way. It was very motivating.

What did you think when the new position was announced?
I have always thought, that I would like to transfer to another job within Four®Design. I expected it would be in production if so, but the trainee position was suddenly a new opportunity. At first I thought it wasn’t a possibility for me, because I don’t have the necessary education. So i talked with a colleague in administration who encouraged me to apply. I chose to do so – without any expectations – and I knew there were a lot of other applicants.

How did you experience the recruitment process?
It was very thorough. Also compared to the process when applying for teaching jobs. It was great! It gave me the possibility to tell much more about who I am and what I stand for. It was an exciting process, and the personal analysis was a positive experience and also very precise.

How did you experience your colleagues respond to your internal transfer?
Only positively. Everybody have congratulated me. Colleagues in production have expressed that they thought it was cool, that the recruitment happened internally.

How do you feel Four®Design up-skilles you as a trainee in sales?
I appreciate the 10 weeks of extra education I got to qualify for the trainee position. Four®Design contributes by reducing my work time to fit with my study.
I’m primarily trained through sparring with the person responsible for for education. It’s very interesting to get in to the whole process of order- and customer handling. I get good and useful feedforward.

How do you feel the job as sales trainee lives up to your expectations?
The whole atmosphere here – it’s hard to explain – it has to be experienced for yourself to really understand. A job is not just a job here. I don’t feel that I drive to work in the morning. It is a place I very much like to be, also out of interest. Here everybody can speak to one another. Everyone wants each others company and they care for each others well being. I guess the best part of this company is the people here.

Mikkels’ trainee program is a combination of theory and practice. Mikkel does a lot of ‘hands on’ tasks and is mostly handling orders to countries in Europe.