Interview with Anders Oll, Logistic and Planning Assistant

”From Production Worker to Logistic and Planning Assistant”

What plans did you have for your future when you applied for the job in the production at Four Design?

I started as a temporary employee through an agency. The first day I was offered a fulltime job. I accepted after brief consideration as I was looking for a job with a clearly defined purpose.

Why did you stay in the job as production worker?

I felt comfortable. I had stopped my studies at the University because I had no clear goal in mind. In the production I discovered quickly how I could contribute.

What thoughts came into your mind when you were offered a position within administration?

I felt that it was an obvious move due to my education within administration. I responded positively right away, as I find performance within logistics and planning tangible – you can easily see where you make a difference. I knew the colleagues already and knew that they had a positive approach to cooperation.

What reaction did you meet from your colleagues regarding your transfer?

Everyone in the office has welcomed me warmly. They are all very helpful and my nearest colleague is very good at teaching me all aspects of the job. He gives me all information I need to manage the tasks. My colleagues in production have been very kind and congratulated me. Some might wonder why I have been transferred because I have spoken very little about my background. In the production we work in teams as equals no matter background – so I never felt need to talk education.

What do you think about the induction in your new job?

My induction consists primarily of on the job training. My colleague knows how to adjust the amount of information for my way of learning. I feel that everybody trusts in my ability to do the job and I am given responsibility right from the start. The general induction programme provided by Four Design gives me a good understanding of the complete value chain.

What do you expect of your new position?

I expect that the growth of Four Design means that my tasks will increase constantly. Furthermore, there are more tasks in the pipeline for me to do when I gain experience within logistics. I hope I will be able to contribute to the optimisation of the logistic processes.

When you think of Four Design as a place of employment – what will you enhance?

Openness in term of welcoming new colleagues. I find it easy to be part of the daily dynamic. I like that all tasks are clear and the output of my job is tangible.



Age: 36 years old

Residence: Odense

Education: Bs. in Business Administration

Hobbies: IT and technology, fitness