Solo Work & Collaboration

SOLO adjective · adverb adjective: solo; adverb: solo
1. For or done by one person alone; unaccompanied ///
COLLABORATE /kəˈlabəreɪt/ verb
1. Work jointly on an activity or project
SoCo Space

SoCo Space

Our definition of a SoCo Space comprises all those spaces in and around campus.

Hallways, atriums, canteens, breakout or study areas and last but not least; the university library. The flexibility of our designs enables multipurpose environments.

Spaces for collaboration, socialising, eating, learning and focusing. Empowering choice – not prescribing. Allowing students to find out what works. For them.

From Contemplation to Collaboration or Snacking. Various functions – same inviting layout. Easy on the eye. Easy to maintain. Easy to handle.

FourLikes WallBench

Benchmark your Canteen

And go for Full Utilisation of Space

Large scale canteens. We love them because let’s be honest; this is where multipurpose furniture solutions really make a difference. Different height options in chairs and tables allow for instant tiering of the room. Incorporating the FourLikes® Wall Bench for full utilisation of space with soft seating options like the FourLikes® Meet, your canteen space functions outside lunch hours as the place to meet, socialise or do group work.


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Stunning Stackables

When Function Meets Design

– Then magical things happen. FourSure® 44 has so many qualities. When in need of a larger space for campus events, this chair stacks and stores easily. Transform the space back into a conference setting to host a memorable graduation day with chair linking devices. Rest assured; the signature v-shaped backrest embraces the spine through all those long speeches.


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FourCast 2 Four Ecolabel

Durable Learning Environments

We all know students interact with furniture in creative ways

Therefore, we need innovative, reactive and environmentally responsible furniture solutions that sustain in an ever-changing environment. Solutions which stand the test of time and daily use. The EU Ecolabel accreditation demonstrates the sustainability of our certified furniture range throughout the whole product life cycle; from sustainably sourced materials to chemical use restriction, and eventually to end-of-life.


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