In-flux Auditorium & Lecture Hall

Listen /ˈlɪs(ə)n/ verb – give one’s attention to a sound
Loud /laʊd/ adjective adverb – with a great deal of volume

Listen Louder

Today, the auditorium or lecture hall need to be in flux and fit for multipurpose use.

Whether it is for an ordinary lecture, a symposium, a conference or presentation, you need mobile and flexible solutions which make the most of the space. And the people. For unity, for sharing, for knowledge. We want to enable listening in big ways.

For listening boldly. For deeper meaning. For spacing out and coming back and connecting the dots, speaking your mind.

Auditorium FourCast2 Audi

For Listening Boldly

For spacing out and coming back and connecting the dots

With its space-saving design, this Inno® Audi is the answer to the needs in the modern auditorium. A range of our chairs can be upgraded with a writing tablet and seat pad or full upholstery for extra comfort to prevent fatigue in the auditorium.

  • Floor-mounted swivel solution for free movement in the auditorium
  • Optional gas lift, free-float and return function
  • Laminate tablets are available in white or anthracite in various shapes and sizes
  • Solution available in FourCast®2, FourSure® & FourMe® chair ranges


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Connecting the Dots

Bespoke. Inclusive. Space-efficient. Clever.

A Connect installation is a bespoke and inclusive design solution for the built learning environment. The design allows for both didactic and collaborative modes without any alteration. Connect solution blends different learning and space concepts, offering a fluid division between teacher and student roles, formal and informal learning contexts as well as the physical and digital space.

Within the Connect solution is an integrated wheelchair DDA which means the look and feel of the space is unchanged. Anyone needing this space remains inclusive in the collaborative group.

Connect is an award-winning collaborative, and space-efficient seating solution for learning environments.


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Connect Explained

A Bespoke Space Transformation

In collaboration with Race Furniture we will plan your space to create an environment that promotes didactic and group learning, providing a full service from project start to final installation. The solution offers a more democratic approach to learning facilities and is bespoke on all levels.

  • Efficiency in learning environments
  • Smaller footprint – utilises m2 more effectively than conventional auditoriums’ as the previous sentence could be mistaken for saying they use up more space
  • Multipurpose functionality
  • Innovative power and data solutions – Future proof
  • Tried and tested in universities across the UK and Europe
  • A wide range of finishes and custom options available
  • Custom and bespoke design service
  • Professional installation service


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