HAPPY news – FourSure® 99 has passed the the EN 16139 test!

You find the test certifications on the FourSure® 99 product page in English, German and Danish.

EN 16139 Furniture – Strength, durability and safety – Requirements for non-domestic seating – This European Standard specifies requirements for the safety, strength and durability of all types of non-domestic seating intended to be used by adults with a weight of not more than 110 kg, including office visitor chairs. This European Standard does not apply to ranked seating, office work chairs, chairs for educational institutions, outdoor seating and to links for linked seating for which European Standards or drafts exist. It does also not apply to work chairs for industrial use. This European Standard does not include requirements for the durability of upholstery materials, castors, reclining and tilting mechanisms and seat height adjustment mechanisms. This European Standard does not include requirements for the resistance to ageing, degradation and flammability. Annex A contains additional tests. Annex B contains information on the level of test severity in relation to applications. Annex C contains dimensional requirements for office visitor chairs.