EU-Ecolabel – Now on selected Four Design chairs

At Four Design, we always strive to do things better. To develop our company and products to meet our expectations: We work focused on creating durable furniture concepts produced with care for the planet. We believe we have a shared responsibility for doing what we can to be as sustainable as possible and to contribute to a greener global development. It is therefore with great joy that we can now stamp a selection of Four Design products with EU Ecolabel.The objective of the EU Ecolabel, as the official European ecolabel, is to promote a circular economy and reduce the overall environmental impact of a product through each stage of its life cycle. The assessment of the entire life cycle extends from procurement of raw materials, to production, to use and to eventual end-of-life.

  • EU Ecolabel certified furniture must meet a long list of strict requirements such as:
  • Minimum content of environmentally harmful substances i.e. VOCs
  • Minimum content of allergenic substances
  • Recycled materials
  • Efficient design that can be easily assembled/disassembled
  • Durability – as the biggest environmental impact is during the production phase, products with higher durability will enter the waste stream less frequently, helping to minimise negative environmental impact

So far, the following products at Four Design are EU Ecolabel certified:

FourSure® 44 Eco in the colour Ebony Black

FourSure® 88 Eco in the colour Ebony Black

FourSure® 90 Eco in the colour Ebony Black

FourSure® 105 Eco in the colour Ebony Black

FourCast® 2 Four Eco in the colours Ebony Black and Anthracite

FourCast® 2 Line Eco in the colours Ebony Black and Anthracite

FourCast® 2 Counter / High Eco in the colours Ebony Black and Anthracite”

FourCast® 2 Counter / High Four Eco in the colours Ebony Black and Anthracite”

To exemplify how these products have achieved the EU Ecolabel certificate, here are a few facts about the range:

  • Shells are made from 50-100% recycled plastic (*CONFIRM)
  • Frames are made rom 30% recycled steel (*IS THIS DIFFERENT FOR FOURME?)
  • All products are designed with only a few parts, making them easy to assemble and disassemble
  • The FourCast and FourSure range have stacking abilities which helps to reduce space needed for transport, reducing the amount of CO2 used per delivery of product
  • 5 year warranty of product and components to ensure a long-life
  • All components suitable for reuse or recycling

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Ecolabel chair - better furniture
FourSure Ecolabel chair
First Danish chair to achieve EU Ecolabel
Ecolabel chair from Four Design
Four Design Ecolabel chair

Less waste, better for the environment, better furniture.

The first Danish Ecolabel chair from Four Design

The entire product life cycle from raw materials for production, use, disposal and recycling has been assessed and approved for ECOLABEL.