Can you hear me now? We all know this frustrating sentence very well. Throughout any space, be it single or multi-use, no matter what size or purpose, there are acoustic factors that need to be controlled in order to secure excellent efficiency and wellbeing. Moreover, placing acoustic panels on walls or ceilings is the best way to abolish echo, reverb and reduce overall ambient noise in any room. Therefore, strategically putting acoustic panels in your room layout will help you maximise wellness and productivity. For that reason, acoustic products are often necessary for any open space layout.

But how do you reach a happy medium, creating a collaborative environment with private space and lower noise levels? With a product portfolio acknowledging the ABCD of acoustics and a wide range of colours, Four Design has an acoustic solution for all types of working environments, and we are more than happy to help. So if you can’t hear yourself think in your new open-concept office, you are not alone. Give us a call.