employee Elvin 20 years anniversary

We are celebrating
20 great years with Elvin

For the past 20 years, Elvin has been working here – latest as a Feeder (securing delivery of supplies from stock to assemeblers), he drives the trucks and is a former assistant in Development.

Before Elvin came to Four®Design he was a hairdresser with his own business. From day one colleagues have been appreciating Elvins independence and good spirit.

When you look back at your 20 years at Four®Design how will you describe your time here?

“Development, change, positive challenges, stability. I have felt the family spirit, the hand craft have been in focus – and still is, despite the process of now being industrialized. Broadness”.

What have been the primary reasons for you to stay with Four®Design this long?

“I feel welcomed and I get to develop continuously.

There is a good atmosphere here (most of the time), and good initiatives are being made to create a good working environment. I used to work as an independent hairdresser – I get to feel and act independent  here too with my own responsibilities. That’s important to me.”

“I’ve experienced the development from craftsmanship to industrialized production as very positive. A ‘real’ chair used to be made of wood and with upholstery. Now the design is completely different and – more stylish, more practical.

Everyone is granted with– and take responsibility, and create engagement.”

“The periods with execution of new initiatives have been the most exciting times, I think – The development of new products, new departments and being part of the process – and to work with skilled colleagues, management and agents in a company willing to take risks to grow big. It’s also exciting following design and development; to be part of the new initiatives, the challenges it brings and how we solve it together.

Today we have to keep one step ahead as all the components are being produced elsewhere.

Changes have also brought challenges to new and old employees, but it has been handled positively in great collaboration across the organisation.”

Elvin believes that one of the reasons of Four®Designs great success lies within the ability to be at the forefront of development and design, as well as the trendsetting and business development of the company speaks for itself. “We do not wait for the others – we move in front. The flexibility, rapid adaptability and reactivity  is our strength”, he adds.

If you were to recommend Four®Design as workplace to others, what would you point out?

“The well functioning teamwork cross-functional and the great atmosphere.  When contributing yourself, you get treated very well – even spoiled a bit. It’s exciting to be a part of a company that runs well.

There is also an exciting future ahead with new owners. I feel very confident about the new constellation. It will bring something good and the spirit of Four®@Design will be well kept.”