Designers Saturday 2015

See you at Designers Saturday 2015?

180 exhibitors, 28 showrooms, 10 stops

Four Design showroom:

Stop 6: Drammensveien 120

Showroom: Navet

Designers Saturday – Oslo, on 5. and 6. September.


Meet Inno®Pod to Designers Saturday

You can among other things experience Inno®Pod, which is one of our new innovative products.

Inno®Pod creates the perfect Touch down workplace/study space/waiting room for you who seek tranquility for contemplation, comfort and concentration.

Inno®Pod is developed based on the physical and psychological challenges that we meet in modern work and study facilities. For Four Design the challenge has been to create a room that reduces noise, creates tranquility, improves mobility, and reduces the activity in our natural center of fear (amygdala), enabling the ability to concentrate everywhere.