Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

This CSR policy aims to outline the actions and promises of Ocee International Ltd. By incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals into our company operations, we strive to employ the best practices possible and prove our commitment to sustainability.

  1. Ensure the highest possible environmental standards are achieved

  2. Guarantee responsible procurement and an ethical supply chain

  3. Develop and maintain high material transparency to enable sustainable consumption

  4. Innovate sustainable product design which not only enables customers to reduce their environmental impact but also endeavours to provide solutions for the local and global challenges of today

  5. Continue to reduce our environmental impact according to technological possibilities

  6. Be recognised for positively contributing to society and the environment

To achieve these goals,
at Four Design we will:

Continue to support our customers’ environmental and social responsibility efforts by providing innovative furniture and interior concepts that enable:

  • The ability to make an informed choice
  • The reduction of CO2 output through increased utilisation of space, thereby needing less overall space
  • A range of flexible furniture suitable for both collaboration and focus, increasing productivity and wellbeing

Maintain the highest environmental and quality standards through compliance to

  • ISO 14001:2015 and
  • ISO 9001:2015 audits

Gain certification of our products by prioritising the following:

  • Obtain FSC Chain of Custody
  • Extend our EU Ecolabel  accredited range (equivalent to Svane and Blue Angle labels) to strengthen our position as an Eco-label front-runner within the furniture industry
  • Conduct supply chain audits to ensure the traceability of our products
  • Maintain and develop Environmental data sheets for our entire product range

Consider sustainability throughout the full lifecycle of our products;

  • Incorporate recycled content and sustainable materials within design
  • Aim for products to be minimum 95% recyclable
  • Design for longevity for end-user benefit and possible second life after use

Monitor our environmental impacts and set targets to ensure lowest environmental impact;

  • Increase energy efficiency of our manufacturing sites
  • Increase the proportion of energy supply from renewable resources
  • Continue to secure that 0% of our waste goes to landfill
  • Strengthen our employee engagement to ensure sustainability is a part of everyday life at Four Design
  • Continue to support local & international charities

Signed on behalf of OCee International Ltd:

Alistair Gough

Group CEO