Cosy Corners and Calm Retreats

Need a break? Designed for privacy and comfort, Four Us® Corner is an aesthetic corner solution that provides the perfect spot for the coffee break, encourages social interaction, or creates the best frames for an informal meeting.

Whether placed against a wall or in the middle of a larger room, the high backs of Four Us® Corner form a room inside the room and thus create little oases of peace in different areas of the building. The sense of privacy is ensured by the ears of the sofa which create the warm and cosy enclosure needed for a calm retreat in a comfortable environment.

In co-operation with award winning designer Anders Nørgaard, we have created the visionary zoning concept Four Us®. With their minimalistic design inspired by Danish 50’s classics, the Four Us® sofas are modern and pleasing to the eye. We also considered your comfort and designed the sofa with an extra-supportive cushion to take great care of your back.

The Four Us® family features several modules and countless options when it comes to colour and choice of fabric, thus giving you the possibility to personalise your new sofa. With Four Us® you get a room with better acoustic, aesthetic design and diversity – you get a room with opportunities!

Meet the FourUs® Family:


FourUs® 3-Seater

FourUs® Corner

FourUs® Booth