Breakout Space

/ɪnbɪˈtwiːn/ INFORMAL adjective
1. Situated somewhere between two extremes or categories; intermediate.

The new FourReal A XL table with FourSure® 44 chairs and FourLikes Scooters

It’s been decades since studying was constrained to traditional ways of interacting with furniture. Today, students find creative and more relaxed ways of using furniture. They use chairs as footrests, sit on tabletops, lounge in soft seating and drag furniture across the room whenever in need of a place to hang out in between lectures, study group or inter curricular activities. Lounge seating around the campus increases productivity, while at the same time enabling a soft place to land and bounce back from that early morning exam.

Time for reflection. Time to get your head down. Time to study. Time for Netflixing with a textbook open.

FourLikes Meet 700 combined with Scooters - Kvadrat Re wool and Kvadrat Melange Nap

A soft place to land after that morning exam

FourLikes® family is a truly multifunctional modular soft seating system. Fit to get the very best out of the built environment, the system encapsulates a variety of modules adaptable
for different spaces and needs. Utilising underused areas and transforming them into active, meaningful spaces. The family offers everything from the ideal work seating height
to acoustic and visual privacy. Movability and flexibility. The possibilities are endless.

Designed by Nørgaard Design

FourLikes Slope sofa modules in Kvadrat Melange Nap fabric - FourResting in White

Create the perfect power spot with RoomInRoom


  • Partition panel fits FourReal® range
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Acoustic panel option in your choice of upholstery
  • Various finish options


  • Extensive range in different shapes and dimensions available in height: 740, 900 and 1050 mm
  • Foldable and easy to handle, store and maintain
  • Integrated castors in front legs
  • Chair & bench suspension options

FourFoldTM nesting table; It only takes a minute or two to rearrange

Comprised of equal parts timeless design and smart engineering, FourFold® 4-legged flip-top table provides a super intuitive and highly stable solution fit for various occasions around campus. With FourFold’s intuitive design and movability, the room layout changes very quickly to meet the requirements of multiple applications.

FourFold® is designed by BroomeJenkins.

For you. For me. For groups. Four Us.

FourUs® booths

  • Part of extensive modular sytem
  • Compact footprint
  • Efficient seating layout with ideal working height
  • Private working areas with acoustic and visual privacy
  • Very facility friendly; designed for optimised cleaning
  • Endless upholstery options
  • Power and data options
  • Pivoting table that effortlessly moves both horizontally and vertically

Design by Nørgaard Design

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Working with educators, facility managers and students, Four Design has produced a collection of products to create the inspired, interactive and indestructible spaces educational institutions require. Multipurpose learning environments.

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