Function, Design and Aha moments; it’s the fundamental principle that drives all our product and service developments. We believe that the combination of unrivalled functionality, ingenious design and a healthy dose of wonder, shapes good environments into great experiences.


Four different coloured chairs in an empty room.


In modern business, you need flexible seating for multiple purposes. There is a need for task chairs, stacking chairs, canteen chairs, lounge seating, stools, sofas, benches, booths, meeting pods, the…

Stacked black plastic chairs

Stacking Chairs

Comfortable, durable, easy to move and reconfigure, there are many requirements for a good stacking chair. However, luckily for you, we are experts on the subject if we must say…

A conference table in a horseshow shape in a room with black chairs and a tv.

Meeting/Conference Chairs

We have a wide selection of comfortable and functional meeting chairs, ensuring a solution for any office, meeting or conference room. Therefore you will find everything from soft organic styles…

A group of lounge chairs for offices in a room with a table.

Lounge Chairs

All offices have spaces where a little extra comfort is needed. Comfortable office lounge seating offers inviting alternatives to individual workspaces or co-worker meetings so that work can happen anywhere….

A modern chair and table in a room.

Side Chairs

The collaborative office means casual meetings in impromptu places are increasingly becoming the norm. Therefore side chairs are a critical component to ensure the right seat is always nearby to…

A group of wooden office stools in a white room.

Stools & Benches

Space-saving as well as functional. We have a lot of stylish, functional and aesthetic stools and benches designed to work with our tables. We promise they will save space, and…

A office corner sofa and two office tables in a room with a picture on the wall.

Soft seating

Soft seating has become just as pivotal as tables and chairs in the modern office. Thus, it is essential to have attractive lounge areas and different environments to meet the…

A large auditorium with rows of black chairs with desk attached.

Collaborative Seating

Invite innovation and spark discussion by facilitating a creative, relaxed and inspiring environment for collaborating or impromptu meetings. With our collaborative seating, you will encourage sharing ideas among colleagues and…

A group of black counter chairs around standing height tables in a conference room.

Bar Stools

There’s something great about sitting at bar stools that makes an everyday event more fun. In our selection of bar stools, you will find a pleasant solution for any space…

A large lecture hall with white desks and wooden ceilings.


Our auditorium seats are designed to perfectly merge comfort, ergonomics and aesthetics with great functionality. Moreover, we always strive to create flexible solutions which make the most of the space…

Two black tables on wheels in an empty room.


Flexible and versatile tables Explore and discover your next table from our collection. Whether it is for a meeting, eating, learning or lounge, you have come to the right place….

A meeting room with pink curtains and chairs.

Meeting & Conference Tables

Are you looking for new meeting or conference tables for your organisation? Then you have come to the right place. We have a wide selection meeting tables in all shapes…

A meeting room with colourful office desk chairs and a table.

Tables for Learning

Our tables for learning are designed to promote flexibility and group work – no matter where you are. Thus, they are all functional and have that little extra aha that…

Two black tables on wheels in an empty room.

Flip-Top Tables

Flip-top tables are an obvious choice if you have a multifunctional room that needs to be used for several different occasions. Simply flip the table tops down and drive them…

A large room with many tables and chairs and canteen furniture

Tables for Eating

Tables for eating are often the heroes of the office. What other tables play so many roles? All our tables for eating are perfect for your grand canteen area and…

A group of people sitting around a table with office screen dividers

Community Tables

With a modern collection of flexible and comfortable community tables, our workspace furniture takes your traditional office, breakout area, boardroom or educational establishment to a new innovative level. In our…

A white standing height table and chairs in a concrete room.

Standing Height Tables

Our standing height tables make great spots to knock back an early morning coffee, enjoy a quick meal or have an impromptu meeting. Moreover, we are proud to offer a…

A white pedestal table with a vase on it.

Coffee Tables

Our coffee tables all share the characteristics of radiating elegant craftsmanship and being aesthetically pleasing. It is this combination that gives you a sense of true quality. Moreover, our coffee…

A black cart with a number of folding tables on it.

Folding Tables

Are they functional? Are they durable? Are they great looking? Yes, yes, yes. Foldable tables are an excellent choice for multifunctional spaces that need to be used for several different…

Acoustic panels for offices in a wooden floored office amongst office furniture


Our acoustic furniture is created with innovative design and specific fabrics to reduce noise, heighten privacy, and increase attention and focus. People who work in acoustically comfortable environments produce higher-quality…

A office work booth with central desk

Desk & Workstations

In our selection of desk and workstations, you will find innovative solutions that take your workspace to the next level. Our assortment includes meeting booths, desk pods, work booths and…

Acoustic panels for offices built into a wall in front of a woman sitting in a chair

Space Division

Today offices are more fluid and multifunctional than ever before. Large open spaces have become predominant, and they need to contain areas for teamwork, socialisation, entertainment, and course-focused work. This…

A black table and chairs on a balcony overlooking a view.


Outdoor furniture provides more than just a place to eat or relax; it is an extension of your indoor space. Whether you need it for your office, canteen area or…

A black office desk chair sits in the dirt next to plants.

EU Ecolabel Furniture

The objective of the EU Ecolabel, as the official European ecolabel, is to reduce the overall environmental impact from production and consumption of goods. The EU Ecolabel looks at the…

A group of different coloured chairs in a room.

All Seating

A white and grey office space with community tables and chairs.

All Tables

Study booths set in a room with a wooden floor

All Acoustics