Campus furnished by Four Design

The University of Southern Denmark has more than 15,000 students, who study five main programmes; medical science, natural science, technology, social science and the liberal arts, spread over more than 100 bachelor degree programmes and a large number of master degree programmes.

A new extension to campus is an impressive modern building, which holds The Faculty of Engineering. The renowned C.F. Møller Architects is behind the 14 meters high and 19,000 square meters large building, where high-technology lab science goes hand in hand with knowledge sharing and community.

The building has a roof of approximately 700 square meters of solar cells. At the same time, a conscious focus on low energy and use of materials enables an excellent indoor climate securing the lowest possible environmental impact.
In the heart of the building, you find ’The Furniture’, which is a large through-going staircase construction, accommodating seminar facilities, meeting rooms and waiting areas.

Four Cast’2 Wheeler and Four Sure 66 are placed in the many colorful classrooms and meeting rooms all over the building. Aditionally, Four Sure 90 is placed in the building’s lounges.

Four Cast XL in brown leather with armrest is placed in the exclusive meeting room on the top floor of the building.