A welcoming canteen with a masculine look

In the cafeteria at SDE in Odense, the interior is focused on organic shapes, calm colours and inspirational elements of traditional craftsmanship. With a playful light installation and solid materials, SDE has managed to create a canteen that is constantly used throughout the day and which functions as a social space and relaxing break out space for the students.

It was important in the decor of the new canteen that emphasis was placed on the small spaces in the big room. That there was both the opportunity to sit many people together, but that one could also immerse himself in his work and find a calm spot. SDE has managed to create a great result by making level differences, sofa groups and mixing different sizes on tables.

SDE College is one of the largest vocational and technical colleges in Denmark with approximately 10,500 students and 850 employees. The college offers more than 50 different vocational studies and a wide range of subjects from the Upper Secondary Technical colleges in Odense, Vejle and Grindsted. SDE College participates actively in the development of new studies and types of education. The college works closely with the commercial and industrial sectors and offers a wide range of courses designed for the upgrading of employees, companies and organisations throughout Denmark.

The SDE College is defined as a self-governing institution. The college is governed by a board primarily consisting of representatives from parties active on the labour market – mainly from trade unions and the employers’ associations in Denmark.