The new Four Magazine is here!

The magazine gives you 75 pages with inspiration for modern, flexible design solutions.

We are all challenged, when it comes to design, because we have changing needs and things we want to improve. Four Magazine 1 shows you, how easy it is to renew your decor and find solutions matching your stile and space.

We are all a part of the public room, large or small. The challenges can be significant when it comes to optimize square metre, creating well-being at work and in meeting areas, educational institutions, in conference rooms and canteens. Comfort, esthetics, design and functionality have to be combined in a single unit, which contributes to the good weekday in the educational institutions or at the workplace.

To present solutions in a way to which you can relate the best, the magazine is grouped by the activities, where you can use Four Design’s assortment. Here you get tips and ideas to meet specific demands. It’s all about how the Four Design products can improve the design and optimize the room.

The magazine develops every year. Our online magazine is regularly updated with new images. The next magazine, Four Magazine 2 will be released in February 2016, where we once again will be ready to present many exciting and innovative news.