Four Design Shanghai Visit


Blossoming spring in Shanghai!

We have just visited our partner NOVAH  in China
– to inspire an be inspired

 Our partnership is still quite new. Four®Design Team went to China to exchange experiences and thoughts  on everything from branding and concepts to furniture and innovation.

The visit started off at the CIFF (China International Furniture Fair) where NOVAH was participating under the theme “Living Office”.

New activity based work forms has also in China  created a growing demand for modular and flexible furniture solutions, and that is why Four®Design was chosen along with ‘Buzzy Space’ to tell the stories about how Zoning and muting solutions creates a better space for work, concentration and interaction.

Christian, head of international sales at Four®Design, was invited to tell about activity based working – and tell the story about adding value and activating dead squaremeters in the open work space.

The fair was in several ways a huge succes and we got a much clearer view in to this new and exciting market.

TONGJI Design University

NOVAH & Christian held a seminar about innovative furniture design in general and how we at Four®Design strive to create solutions that fits in an ever developing world.

The students met the Four® Design product family with great enthusiasm. Within the next couple of month they get to develop and grow ideas with our furnitures as a starting point. We are excited – not only see what they come up with – but also to hear and learn from their process.

Below you can find more information about:

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