FourUs®WallPod gives you the opportunity to exploit every square meter of space by creating work areas on underutilised walls.

Whether you need a comfy spot for a coffee break or a practical work facility, FourUs®WallPod is the perfect solution for a touchdown area.

The design is invitingly shaped to bring you comfort and privacy so that you can sit or stand undistracted.

FourUs®WallPod a Four®Design concept, a member of the Four®family, and designed by Anders Nørgaard.



Hush, Crisp, Fame, Fame hybrid,  Step Melange, Breeze, Obica læder+,  Breeze Fusion

Remix, Compound, Steelcut, Steelcut Trio, Hallingdal, Divina Melange, Tonica

Synergy, Main Line Flax, Marvel

Fenix Nano-Laminate

21mm table top with impact resistant ABS edges.



ISO 14001

Approx ultimo June