FOUR®US is everything from a classic sofa to an innovative modular Zoning system. It creates a place for you with the best conditions for interacting.
With FOUR®US you get a room with better acoustic, aesthetic design and diversity – you get a room with opportunities.

We have created the comfortable Zoning koncept FOUR®US together with award winning designer Anders Nørgaard. It is visionary, modern and it provides a flexible and dynamic solution that invites you in. FOUR®US meets the need for an informal space for contemplation and interaction.

Whether you need a perfect spot for the coffee break or for the informal meeting FOUR®US meets all scenarios. The FOUR®US family contains several modules and countless possibilities. It fulfills the need for perfect meeting spot or a casual work facility, it enables the ability to achieve concentration and it provides the framework and possibility for obtaining peace and integrity. The forces lies within FOUR®US’ ability to easily harmonize in any surrounding as well as its versatility.



Fabric & Surface


Crisp, Fame, Step, Step Melange, Breeze, Obica læder+

Remix, Compound, Steelcut, Steelcut Trio, Hallingdal, Divina Melange, Tonica

Synergy, Main Line Flax, Marvel

Fenix Nano-Laminate

21 mm. table top with impact resistant ABS edges.



Inno Tab®



Wooden legs

Linking Device

TV Bracket



ISO 14001

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Delivery times

Approx ultimo June