Have a(n Extra) Seat!

Need a little extra room? Created with your comfort in mind, the FourUs® sofas form a place with the best conditions for a relaxing break – and with the 3-Seater, more people can join in!
In co-operation with award-winning designer Anders Nørgaard, we have created the zoning concept FourUs®. With their minimalistic design, the FourUs® sofas are both modern and pleasing to the eye. We also considered your comfort and designed the sofa with an extra-supportive cushion to take great care of your back.

The FourUs® family features several modules and countless options when it comes to colour and choice of fabric, thus giving you the possibility to personalise your new sofa. With FourUs® you get a room with better acoustic, aesthetic design and diversity – you get a room with opportunities!

Whether you seek the perfect spot for a coffee break or the informal meeting, the FourUs® 3-Seater meets all your needs. The forces lie within FourUs®’ ability to easily harmonise in any surroundings.



Wooden legs

Linking Device

Skid frame

Magazine rack

Test Certificates & Environment

Test Certificates

EN 16139 L2, ENG
EN 16139 L2, GE
EN 16139 L2, DK


ISO 14001

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