Do you remember making a Den?

Was it an edifice of sofa cushions and sheets, a cardboard box castle or a tangled tepee of branches and bracken? Those small creative structures defined a private space, a quiet retreat – a place to meet with friends…

When we began to talk to people about their workplaces, we soon realised that we needed to locate our inner child and create a Den. Den is a range of acoustic work areas created to make public spaces private. With eight different styles, numerous configurations and a full array of accessories, everyone has the opportunity to build their ideal Den.

In any open plan work area there are times when you need to find your own space. The environment we work in has to facilitate both the privacy needed to concentrate and the space needed to collaborate.

Den is your noise barrier, acoustically enhanced to  separate you from the hubbub of the workplace. Den can have power, reading lights and data connectivity. Worktops can be positioned to suit your working style, and soft seating can make your Den a comfortable retreat. 

Unique Economical Construction 

Den’s unique junction system enables numerous configurations to be constructed with shared components, unlike other acoustic work systems which extend their configurations by placing stand-alone units back-to-back. Den’s modular design ensures an economical construction, which can be easily extended and reconfigured to suit your changing needs.



Den is an acoustically enhanced product designed to reduce noise and distractions. The acoustic performance of the panel construction has been independently tested in an acoustics research laboratory following the guidelines found in BS EN ISO 354:2003 (Acoustics – Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room). 


A range of accessories and additional soft seating, designed by Will Hudson, offer further agile working options. 



Test Certificates

Test Report


ISO 14001