Four Design presents an innovative World Novelty

Inno®Pod creates the perfect Touch down workplace/study space/waiting room for you who seek tranquility for contemplation, comfort and concentration.

Inno®Pod is developed based on the physical and psychological challenges that we meet in modern work and study facilities. For Four Design the challenge has been to create a room that reduces noise, creates tranquility, improves mobility, and reduces the activity in our natural center of fear (amygdala), enabling the ability to concentrate everywhere.

Inno®Pod is mobile and easily moved and linked together with other Inno®Pods, when group work is the best working method. Inno®Pod is perfect for large spaces, walking areas, where you need a Touch down workplace, or for peace to work in open-plan offices. Inno®Pod takes up only about 1 square meter (0,95 x 1,2 m).

Inno®Pod is designed as an upturned U with curved sides for maximum noise reduction. It is open from both sides, allowing you to leave the station easily – your ‘escape routes’ are free. The back protects you from “enemies” and lets you relax in your center of fear (amygdala), while the front protects you from visual disturbances.

The acoustics is fantastic and leaves you with a feeling of withdrawal and peace of work, but you are still part of the community, with free space to both sides.

Inno®Pod is upholstered with the new mottled fabric Hush, antrazit on the outside and light coloured on the inside. Inno®Pod also comes with two different table models.

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Inno®Pod can be experienced for the first time at the Stockholm Furniture Fair on 3-7 February 2015.