Fair For Hope ­charity auction

We support Fair For Hope and ECONEF Children’s center!

Near by the mountain Kilimanjaro lies The property where ECONEF is building a home and a future for homeless and vulnerable children.

ECONEF is an NGO organization based in Sweden and Tanzania, who work to improve the living standards of homeless children in the Arusha area in the Northern Tanzania. The project aims to create a sustainable and self-sufficient center, which consists of an orphanage, a school and staff housing.

It’s easy to see why this work is so important.

Therefore we have decided to donate 2 beautiful Four Sure 66 chairs with InnoTab which will be auctioned off at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in favor of ECONEF‘s children’s center  on Saturday, February 13th from 1:00 pm to 2:30

We hope you will read more about the project and see how you can support the project on the ECONET website: econef.org