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The canteen interior in every company and institution should ideally reflect image and it’s values. We have created a lookbook with our canteen furniture to showcase our solutions and inspire you. We hope we can provide you with some new ideas on what a modern canteen environment could contain.

Eating meals together is associated with greater team dynamics. Creating the right framework for informal interactions and conversation is crucial, whether it is in the school cantina or company cafeteria.
The layout/design of one of the most important facilities of the building should be prioritised to serve as an aesthetic appealing and functional space.


How to plan and execute a Canteen Interior Project

We were refurbishing our own canteen, here at Four®Design, and needed to identify specific needs in the canteen area and clear out what needed to be done. So we created the S·P·A·C·E-model – a tool to for creating interior projects in small or larger scales. 

cale & space: ideal distances reconciled with estimated amount of  seating

artitioning: dividing space in to smaller divisions

coustics: measuring and improving reverberation, sound distribution & absorption

olours: mapping parameters to be considered for the right choice of colours

rgonomics : user- and staff  needs, identifying standards and guidelines to follow



Scale & Space

The illustrations below serves as a guideline in how to set and limit distances between chairs and tables.




How can we create more intimacy by dividing space into smaller spaces? By using different heights you add more dynamics to the space. Highest point always placed at the end. Exactly like when you set a table.
Four®Real tables with Room in Room are one of our solutions for mobile room partitions.

Room In Room 



Real time sound testing should always be considered in larger spaces to target and improve the room sound.
Sound masking
Sound absorbers
Acoustic panels /- walls / -ceiling

We have developed our solutions to prevent unnecessary noise in the canteen. We always recommend choosing noise reducing gliders/ferrules for chairs in canteen environments.

Colours, and what to take into consideration:

  • Brand identity; can you incorporate colours to match.
  • Psychological impact. Use colours with care. Less is more.

We have highlighted a couple of colours that is frequently used in eating facilities

Yellow  has positive effect on nervous system and stimulates the appetite,. it can be over stimulating and trigger anxiety.

White interior adds spacious perception of the room and looks lean and sterile. It’s recommended that you use elements and/or other colours to break.

Black in small amounts with contrasting, complementary colors, black can have a very positive effect as is adds depth and timeless style to a room layout.

Blue is slowing heart rate, reducing respiratory rhythm, soothing, encouraging mental activity, introspection, concentration, creating. focus inwards. The colour for rest.



Comfortable seating is important. So is the handling of furniture for the staff.
Solutions: Choose light-weight chairs and agile tables with castors.
Cleaning should be done effortless, choose suitable surfaces.

See Four®Sure 44 and Four®Cast2 Four chairs suitable for canteens.



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