The Four Cast family of chairs is updated to today’s design and given the name ’Four Cast’2’.

One of our greatest successes ever is our ‘Four Cast’, designed by Strand+Hvass. The family was released in 2005 and consists of 11 different models. It is now 10 years ago, and therefore time has come to update the design to let ‘Four Cast’ meet the today’s trends and décor.

‘Four Cast’2’ has the same unique locking system, with which the ‘Four Sure’ family of chairs is also equipped. The chair is designed without the use of screws, which makes it extremely easily assembled.

‘Four Cast’2’ is given a larger shell, and it is made in monosandwich. The construction of the frame has been simplified and further strengthened. Likewise, the weight is reduced and the details are refined. By default, the chair is delivered with Teflon glides to avoid noise when the chair moves across the floor.

‘Four Cast’2’ has passed the EN/Ansi Bifma like all our products.

Four Design consider the environment

Four Design is ISO14001 certified, which has had great impact on the construction of the ‘Four Cast’2’ family. ‘Four Cast’2’ is designed without screws, it is noise reducing, and it saves components. This allows for easy disassembly in connection with later disposal and recycling.

The designers Strand+Hvass

Christina Stand and Niels Hvass are behind a long row of Four Design’s products. Since 2005 they have designed Four Design furniture in cooperation with us, and naturally they are also behind our new family ’Four Cast’2’. Strand+Hvass base their design on innovation and market knowledge, focusing on resources, environment and experience. The design is simple and clarified with an international orientation.

The new family can be experienced for the first time at the Stockholm Furniture Fair on 3-7 February, 2015.